Siddhi asso

For Bank

  • Planning
  • Authority norms
  • Faculty led sessions
  • Case studies
  • Guest lectures
  • Interactive sessions
  • Group workshops
  • Participant / group presentations
  • Field visits
  • On the job training
  • The training programs of Siddhi Associates have been devised with an eye on providing the maximum leverage for complete and comprehensive understanding and growth of third party income of bank.
  • As a part of its training programs, Siddhi Associates conducts seminars, conferences, workshops etc. to periodically enhance training effectiveness and also to serve as a window on development activities taking place in the insurance industry
  • We are planning to analyst each branch of bank for third party (Bancassurance) income and potential,
  • After analysis of each branch we are planning and execute the growth plan,
  • Also help bank for accusations and fulfill the norms / rules and regulation of third party (Bancassurance) Authority,
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